Piattaforme CMS a confronto

Drupal Vs WordPress Vs Joomla: Which is the best CMS Platform in 2019?

For anyone planning to build a website using content management system (CMS), Drupal Vs WordPress Vs Joomla seems to be the No. 1 question in mind. Well, choosing ONE among the BEST 3 options is always a tough task, especially when there are many similarities. Therefore, I have tried to help users choose the right CMS platform by making a full comparison along with a brief overview of the similarities.

First of all, these three platforms (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal) have been successful in dominating the CMS world consistently since 2010. As for today, WordPress is the king of all CMS platforms which powers over 58% of all CMS based websites. Second and third in the row, Joomla has the 7% of CMS market share while Drupal powers over 4% of all websites using CMS platforms. Comparing the market share, WordPress seems to be far ahead of Joomla and Drupal, however, there are multiple aspects in which WordPress falls behind.

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